19 June 2008

Molly's Report on Today

Mommy (Rebecca) hasn't been feeling well today, so we decided it was my turn to make a blog entry. I had a rough night and morning keeping an eye on Mommy. She didn't sleep well, so I stayed on the rug outside the bedroom door (silly people don't let me in the bedroom at night) just in case she needed me. I worried myself sick about her, so I had to make her get up and take me out after Daddy left for this thing they call "work" in the morning. I felt bad about making her get up--she was just falling asleep--but my tummy was so upset and I couldn't hold it anymore.

Then I went back to my guard duty while she slept. She finally settled down, but I didn't want to leave her to go to my own bed. But after a while I had to wake her up again because my tummy hurt and I needed to go out. I ended up not being able to potty after all and just ate grass, but I couldn't help it. It would be so awful if I waited and ending up having a potty accident in the house.

After that she stayed out of bed so I got to be with her all day. I could tell she needed some space, so I lay under the couch instead of on it, but I came out to bring her toys and check on her a lot. It's part of my job to take care of her and make sure she's okay. But today she didn't drop things and Daddy wasn't home, so I couldn't go get him and tell him to help her feel better.

Mostly it was a boring day because she didn't teach me anything. Daddy usually plays with me more than Mommy but he was at that "work" thing. I dunno quite what his work is. But I think they like him there because he always smells like shrimp when he comes home. Yummy. I like to kiss him and lick him when he gets home, but he doesn't always like that too much. Shrimp are my favorite!

In the afternoon Mommy let me out in my fence for a while so I got to have a little fun. I don't know why they don't just let me go loose all the time. I don't really go anywhere except maybe over to the neighbors to say hi to whatever it is that barks all the time. Apparently I'm not supposed to do that. But I haven't in ages! I'm a good girl now who sticks with mommy and daddy and comes when they call me!

Once Daddy got home, things got a little more fun. He played some with me before they ate and talked to me more. Mommy fell asleep on the sofa, but she needed it.

After they ate, I started playing with my kong to tell Mommy I was hungry but wanted fun food, not plain old boring kibble in a bowl. She took the hint and filled my kong with food. I don't know why they get so upset that I won't eat kibble from a bowl. It's boring. They should try having to eat a bowl of the same stuff day after day without getting to do anything fun for it. They at least get to "shop" and cook their food!

Then we really had fun! Mommy and Daddy took me outside to the place the ponies used to be and we trained and played. Mommy promises she took pictures of me and will show them off tomorrow.

Now it is time for bed. I'm beat from running all over chasing the ball. Mommy and Daddy want to sleep first. Daddy has to get up early in the morning to take me out for a potty and go back to work. I wish he could stay home more. It's so much fun when he's home. He takes me out all the time and lets me do all sorts of fun things.


Anonymous said...

I love it! Except for the part about Mommy not feeling well.
from Mommy's Mommy

Rebecca and Molly the Border Collie said...

Grandmom! You don't need to worry too much about Mommy. I take good care of her and Daddy helps. She is some better today but I am still being good at my job. I even warmed her spot on the couch while she got her breakfast.

I miss you and Granddaddy, even if he won't play hedgehog properly with me. But Mommy and Daddy say I get to visit you "later"--whenever that is. It isn't today anyway. We're coming by "airplane". It must be a fancy car because I hear them tell people I get to come special because I'm so good at helping Mommy that I'm going to graduate from training to "Service Dog".

See you later!

ps--what are go-fers? are they more like sheep or more like horses? Daddy keeps talking about them.