01 July 2008

Molly Reports "I Got Ice Cream"

Today was warmer again. Mommy let me spend a lot of the day outside in my fence. But if I barked at the neighbors, she made me come in. It's no fair--they get to be outside and make a lot of noise but I can't. Mommy keeps saying, "Just because the dog next door is being a fool doesn't mean you have to be, too."

Mom made pancakes for them for dinner but I got some, too. I love pancakes. But Mom is silly and made me pick pancakes up off the floor when she dropped them. She gave them to me to eat afterwards. She says it's for "practice." Oh well, if it makes her happy.

After dinner, they went out and worked in the vegetable garden. They were mean and wouldn't let me help. But they did let me be out in my fence while they worked. They were picking this weird green stuff they called "spinage." I didn't think it tasted very good, but they seemed to think it was important and packed it into plastic bags in the freezer.

Then we all had ice cream! Mommy and Daddy had popsicles. I got a pupsicle that mom made special. She says it is made of tykmaelk, which is like yo-gurt, and has kibble in it. I just know it was YUMMY!

I even got to eat in the living room with them but Mom said I had to keep it on my mat. That isn't too hard though. I've been practicing staying on my mat a lot, so I've gotten good at it. I even lay on my mat with a bone to chew while they ate pancakes.

Mom added pictures of me eating my ice cream so you can see for yourself how yummy it was. They didn't even make me share with them!

I'll write more another time. Now it is time to play some with Daddy before we go to bed.


Anonymous said...

It was nice your mommy made you special doggy ice cream. She must really love you.

Samantha said...

Ooh, home made ice cream, sounds yummy. :-)

Holly & Zac

powder-puff said...

Hey Molly !!

Nice to meet you!

I have a sissy named Molly and shes a border collie too!!

hope you have a happy 4th of july!


Rebecca and Molly the Border Collie said...

My mommy definitely loves me. I'd know that even if she didn't make me special ice cream.

Holly and Zac: It is very yummy! If you want to come over and play, I will ask Mommy to make enough for all three of us!

powder-puff: Thanks! Nice to meet you too. Daddy decided to name me Molly. I like how it sounds when mommy says "Molly the Border Collie." :-)

Sniffs and wags,

Tansy said...

My dogness, Molly, a lovely Frozen Treat! We are having Hot Weather here; perhaps we will get one too. Thank you for the tip about freezing yogurt with crunchies.