25 August 2008

Molly Reports on a New "Friend"

Mommy got a box from her freind Edith da other day. She found dis littel fello when she opened it.

His name is Fluff and he's from Germany. Mommy says he's here because he wanna go on the trip wif us and he wanna learn about my life as a Service Dog.

I was very xcited to meet him. I fink he is cute and really wanna play wif him.

Here I am checkin him out for da first time.

I fink he smells yummy. It isnt fair. How come he gets to eat chocolat and I dont?

Mommy says he is not food and is not a toy. I hafta be careful when I wanna play wif him.

Mommy said I had ta leave him alone when she put him on the floor. I wanted to see if he worked like a ball. But I did like she said and watched him for a while.

After a littel while, she told me to Take him and Give him to her.

I was really careful pickin him up and Mommy said I was good. I gave him to her like a good girl.

He'll be riding around in my vest when we travel so he can learn more. I hope he doesnt get me into any trouble!

Mommy says u can read more about Fluff at http://www.edith-parzefall.de/fluffclub.html.

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