10 August 2008

Molly's Eating Status

Well, Molly has had 4 pieces of kibble since we started the new "learn to eat" program. A few evenings ago, she ate one piece for me for the first time. Then she refused again a few more times.

This morning she ate one piece and tonight she ate two. This means she'll be offered four tomorrow morning. Cross your fingers for us that she goes it so we can keep going up in amounts. I miss training her and she seems bored, so we really need to get this eating situation solved so I can get training again!

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Beta said...

Good luck with the eating training. Madison is supposed to take my bowl away after 10 minutes if I don't eat. She usually forgets. I don't like my kibble much. Last week I was getting wet food because I was on antibiotics. Madison feeds them to me in meatballs. This week we're back to the dry stuff. I feel cheated. When I go for advanced training next week I'll have to eat when I'm given food or go hungry. Not looking forward to that at all.