09 September 2008

A Few Pictures from the USA

I intended to make a big post on the neat Endless Mountains Fiber Festival and everything else we've been doing, but time has flown and I'm too tired. So you'll just have to live with this selection of pictures from the trip so far.

The first three pictures show Molly outside here at my parents' place. She is very excited by all the new smells and sounds.

The next two show Molly in the car--a place she has already spent a lot of time and will be spending a lot more.

The second to last picture shows Molly playing with a very special toy. It actually belongs to my parents' cat (who used to be mine), but my mom said she could play with it. It is Dumbo's Bunny and it squeaks. She has never had a soft toy before and she seems to love it.

The last picture is one my DH took of me, my parents, and Molly. Molly worked really hard all that day (Sunday), but she was a bit excited and distracted by the working border collie demonstration. She was jealous that the other dogs got to herd the sheep but she didn't.

I will try to put up pics of the demo later. Right now I need to go to bed. Molly has been sleeping for a while now.


Robin French said...

Hey - Are you still planning to being Molly by on saturday?

Rebecca and Molly the Border Collie said...

YEs Robin. I was about to e-mail you. Sorry. I've barely been online since I got here.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

What a good blog. Molly does a heck of a lot better with housework that I will ever do!!1

She is a good dog and keep up the blog!!

Tansy said...

Lovely photographs, Molly! Happy to see you're enjoying the American grass!