11 November 2008

Molly Reports on Fleas, a Bath, and Taking Care of Mommy and Daddy

Can whoever gave me fleas for my birfday come and get them PLEASE? We dont like fleas!

Mommy was combing me last week and suddenly complained of a "big, fat flea." I lookd but only saw a little reddish speck. But Mommy sayz dat where der is one flea, der are more.

I thought it waz gonna be okay, cuz she didnt do anyfing more right away. But den efter dey ate dinner, she went bonkerz! First she had me help her take all da stuff off da bed. Im good at pulling covers offa comferterz.

I thought it wud be nice ta sleep on da fresh kleen bed. Den she started ta vakuum! I HATE da vakuum. She did da bedroom n da kitchen n shut me outta da bedroom! Den she took all da nice warm blankies offa my bed and took dem outside. She did give me da mat from my crate, but I miss my wool blankies!

Efter all dat, she gave me a BAF!! I HATE bafs more den I hate da vakum. I had ta sit in da baf all soped up for 5 minz before she wushed it off. YUCK! But she sed it killz da fleaz dat were on me.

So once I kam out and Daddy helped dry me wif a towel, she went to bed wifout me! Daddy uzually letz me in, but he went wifout me too! So der I waz, all wet n lonely and not even a flea to play wif. It wuz awful.

Mommy sed it wuzzent my fault--dat it waz cuz I was wet... but shez da one dat made me all wet!!

Finally I got ta go to bed wif Mommy da next morning. Daddy told me to take care of her when he left for werk. She waz tierd and sore. Poor Mommy. It makez me hate fleaz more.

Da next day she had to vakuum da living room. She let me play in my fence while she did dat. Den she waz tired and I took care of her again.

It iz a big job ta take care of Mommy. She drops tingz and I haf to get dem for her. And sometimes I carry tingz ta Daddy for her.

Dis weekend, we wnet for a drive. I saw odder doggies frum da windoz, but I waznt lowd ta go play wif dem. Sunday, I had da super big job af taking care af bof Mommy n Daddy. She was tierd n sore and Daddy had a migrane. I hafta be really quiet when he haz a migrane. Deyz nastier n bafs n fleaz tagever!

So Ive been a buzy SD. Yesterday Mommy waz sum better so we trained paw targit. Today she mad eme look her in da eyez fur shed play wif me.

Lukly she dint find nodder flea when she brushed me today. I dont want nodder baf and shez too tierd for more vakuum.


Anna said...

Oh what a horrible time. Bet your mum and dad are really grateful for you being such a good SD.

A little tip for you mum (but she may know this already) a 1/4 to 1/2 a garlic clove daily stops all the nasty fleas and ticks without the need for baths and flea treatment.


Raising Addie said...

Poor Molly... stupid fleas!

I hope that stay away for good from you!