20 November 2008

True Color Thursday -- Red

Our friends Dina and Samantha play this color game every week. The game is started by Blue, so thanks go there for this idea!

Molly thinks the once-a-week color theme should help spice up her life, which has gotten a little boring since the US trip. It is also a great way for her to show off fun bits of her life and to make sure I post pictures at least once a week.

So to start, we went out in the yard to find a few red things. Molly posed nicely on our red bench by the red hand pump (not connected). You can also see the red trim around our windows. Ignore the mess. We sit on that bench when repotting plants. BTW, Molly is outside the fence on the bench and I am inside the fence taking the picture.

We also have a red fence around the flower bed:

Molly owns a lot of red things. A red service vest, a red harness, a red rope leash, and a red comb.

Of course after I put all this stuff down on the ground to take a picture, Molly got to practice retrieves cleaning it up for me:

Then we came back inside because Molly wanted me to show everyone her bed. She's got her blankies back now and it's a nice cozy nest under the table. (Note the red blankies and the red in the table cloth)

These days Molly has full bedroom privileges. I think it is only fair she gets to sleep on the bed she helps strip and make! But we happen to have red sheets and comforter covers on it right now, so she thought I should show that too.

Then we have Molly's favorite training treats, which are reddish in color. I usually cut them up in quarters for clicker training to make them more bite size. I do actually normally use a red pocket knife to cut them up.

Back before Molly became a service dog and once in a while when we hit the town and she's off duty, Molly gets to dress up in a nice Western bandana. It looks great when we take her to horse shows and stuff. She decided to pose for today's picture on our dining room rug to add a little more red to the theme.

Now, to finish off, two old pictures. First, Molly gets cold in the winter when lying in the car because she is so smooth coated. So I bought her a warm fleece shirt at the thrift shop to keep her cozy those times that she needs to wait in the car (especially back before she was an SD with access privileges):

And Molly thinks it is no fair that Mommy is the only one who got to look cool in shades:


Tansy said...

What fun, Molly! Red is such a nice Color for you, and is All Around you! (And you got to Work during the Photo Shoot - all the better!)

Best barks,

Dina said...

Oh! that was great loads of Red...

But, Bexie what are you and Molly going to do next week it's Blue....LOL

This is nice and challenging isn't it.......

Rockstar and Kipp said...

Awesome Red pics Molly!! You have a ton of red things to be pretty next to. Great post!

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Yay... glad you played along Bex, great photo's of Molly, loved them!

Yep.. now you have to post at least once a week and include Miss Molly pic's...Yay.. :-))

Anna said...

Love it. Love the pictures and you look great with red.


Poopsie Blue said...

Hi there!

I love your participation in my meme - many thanks!

Pats& pets

Dragonstar said...

Such a beautiful red post. Molly is a darling!

Edith said...

True Color Tuesday is a great idea. Molly looks so cool with shades or the bandana. :-)