11 December 2008

Molly Reports on True Color Thursday: White

Mommy's hands still hert so she said I could post my faverit pictchures this week as long as dey are of white ting.

Dis is me n bunny. I have lotz a white on me. Da stripe on my nose, my chest, my legs,and parts of my tummy are white.

Bunny is my favrit toy. Hez soft n I kan make him squeek n I'm llowed to take im ta bed wif me in Mommy n Daddy's bed.

I luvs ta play wif bunny. Hez white!

Here I am werkin wif da sheepies wif Robin in Norf Karolina. Sum af da sheepies are white, Robin's shirt is white, n her van iz white.

I really luvd ta werk da sheepies. I wanna do it igen but Mommy n Daddy dont have sheepies for me to werk wif.

Dis iz me n Dumbo. Hes mostly white. Dumbo is Grandmom n Granddad's weird doggie. Mommy sez he's a "kat"--wutever dat is. I tried ta get im ta play ball wif me, but he wuddent. I wanned ta chase him, but Mommy sed I wuzzent llowed. Now dat Im home igen, I miss him. He wuz fun even doh he waz weird.

Der haznt been enuff snow fer playing yet dis year, so here is an old one af me n Daddy playin in da snow. I luv da snow n its so white.


Buddies said...

Where did you learn to write 'dog' - very ammuzin'

Dina ... UK said...

Aww! Glad you took charge Molly in computer skills...
Fun White post...lol

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Nice whites Molly!
Especially the snow one, that looked fun! :-)

Raising Addie said...

I LOVE your white pix!

I would come over and play with you in the snow right now if i could!

How do you keep your stuffie looking sooo good? Mine have a tendency to explode!


Anonymous said...

Brilliant white pics.

I love the one of you and Dumbo. Stare contest!

Ziggi has stare contests with the resident cat Nyx. They would last literally all day if I didn't split them up! But then Ziggi is a pointer so she has an excuse

Poopsie Blue said...

So, pleased to see you posting for WHITE.
Well done Molly!

Pats & pets

Dragonstar said...

Loads of white here. I love the snow picture - my dogs loved playing in snow.

Mar said...

Love the shots for white!! dog talking can be very intriguing...!!