23 February 2009


We have been giving Shawnee increasing house privileges. This morning she made it very clear that we were doing that far too soon. The plan has been that DH puts her in the kitchen when he leaves for work. Between doors and baby gates that will be the only room she had access to. We also make sure that she has appropriate toys.

Molly let me know that she needed out at eight o'clock this morning. I took both the girls out and everything was fine. Then I went back to bed because I was very tired. Before long Molly started giving these intermittent sharp barks. I stupidly assumed that she just wanted me out of bed. So I scolded her and tried to continue sleeping.

Service dog that she is, Molly persisted because she knew that there was something she needed to let me know whether I wanted to know it or not. When she finally got the message through my sleepy brain, I got up and went to the kitchen to see what was the matter.

There lay Shawnee in the process of chewing on the wall. The floor was covered with pieces of glass fiber wallpaper and chips of paint. Not far away lay a Rawhide chew stick. I scolded Shawnee briefly then put her in her crate.

I apologized to Molly for having scolded her inappropriately. I also gave her one of those dry animal part treats that she really loves.

And so ended Shawnee's kitchen privileges.


Anna said...

Naughty naughty puppy. Clever clever Molly :)

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