02 June 2009

FAIL: Shawnee Style

I have a zillion (okay, I narrowed it down to less than 40) pics of the girls from playing in the pasture two nights ago. It took me two days to sort and trim them and get them online. It will take me even longer to get them into the blog. To make matters worse, we took the girls out to the fence again last night only I put the big lens on the camera. I haven't even looked at those zillion pictures yet. So I will be posting small batches of pictures from this weekend for a WHILE.

To start, here is Shawnee showing a failure in her own little way.

She went out after the ball like she should. As usual, she overshot. See the yellow tennis ball lying there waiting for her to pick it up?

Here she is running back to Daddy. What's that in her mouth? Where's the ball?

Here she is spitting her prize out for Daddy, wanting him to throw it. Molly is turning around to watch the game. She's been in a stay for this throw.

What did Shawnee retrieve? Have you guessed it? PONY MANURE! I guess she somehow mistook that big brown chunk of poo for the yellow slobbery tennis ball?

We had to send Molly out to retrieve the real ball. Shawnee did not even try to eat her find. DH took it away.

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