12 June 2009

It's a Good Day for a Stuffed Kong

We only have one kong, so I stuffed it for Molly and stuffed and smeared the green American-football-shaped chew toy for Shawnee. Both got peanut butter, kibble, and a bit of bread to block the holes.

It's a good day for it because I am migrained and it is rainy, so neither wants to be outside. Now Molly is busy working on the kong on the living room floor and Shawnee has hers in her crate so she can't smear peanut butter into the rugs (hers is sticky on the outside).

Nice happy, quiet dogs are just what I need today!


Dina ... UK said...

Hi Bexie,
Lurpak Ha Ha.....
I hope you feel better soon.
Don't send the rain over here, it is a nice sunny day today.
The sun does make you feel better I always think.
I hope you get some soon...
Take care....

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Kongs, you reminded me to get H & Z's out. They like the Kong paste in theirs, i wash them and put them away and then i forget to get them out again..lol

No they didn't get a go, they had a good time though. I wasn't sure how they would be as there was not many of us there but they behaved really well.

Thanks for your comments, we are fine but the pc problems getting worse made it hard to use this much. Hopefully a new laptop will help ( it won't have so much junk stored on it like this one which i think is half of my problems..hehe)

Have a great weekend. :-)