05 June 2009

L2 Distance--Start and Restart

Shawnee got her first distance training session today. It went well. A few click-treats for looking at the thing then she started moving and I was able to shape a more than halfway around in one short session.

While things were set up, I swapped dogs--Shawnee in to DH in the living room and Molly out to me in the kitchen. I thought I'd see if Molly remembered her "Go Around" command.

She didn't. She wanted to retrieve the thing I was using as the object-to-go-around. Hrmm. I remember that from last time. So I gave her a leave it. Frustrated, she lay down and stared at it and at me. So I threw a treat and started over with luring the go around. She'll probably need more sessions to remember it than Shawnee will to learn it.

Shawnee has more courage to experiment and do things than Molly does. Molly tends to fall back to "safe" behaviors, like lying down, sitting, or retrieving.

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