25 June 2009

A Very Unusual Incident

Shawnee apparently had an "accident" in her crate overnight. She was in bed with us much of the night, so it must have been sometime between when DH left for work a little after 5 and when I let her out at 8:45. What makes this especially odd is that I was awake from 7 until 7:45 and don't recall having heard any whining or anything. Usually she will start whining if she needs out while crated or Molly will know somehow and act like she needs out until I get up and let them both out.

So not only am I shocked by this, but I am worried about her. An accident like that can be a sign that she has a health problem. Especially when it happened in such a short time frame. I will be keeping a good eye on her.

Her crate is too big for her, but it has been that way for several months now without incident. I am now concerned that if she isn't sick, we may need to put a divider in the crate again.

I managed to get it outside without spilling it, but it was quite hard on my back. Because of the baby gate in the kitchen door, I had to carefully lift it there and slide it over the gate. But then I was able to put it back on the floor and drag it out into the lawn. I have now tipped it over and sprayed it well with clean water. I am wondering if it might need more effective cleaning to be sure nothing is left, but that will have to wait for DH. No way I can handle that. I am exhausted as it is.

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