07 August 2009

Laundry Duty Problems

I am feeling very guilty and a little heartbroken today. I tried last weekend to film Molly emptying the washer. She started out okay, but then lost her focus. I thought initially that she was just distracted by DH, his friend, and Shawnee outside. It isn't normal for her to be so distracted, but it was my best guess.

Then when reviewing the film, I saw that she had banged into the tripod. It all went downhill from there.

I tried again today. DH suggested putting the video camera in the window sill on the minitripod. But Molly was still hesitant and insecure about her work. Throwing in an item she hadn't worked with before probably didn't help. Usually she doesn't blink at new items, but this was a rug from the kitchen floor with a rubberized bottom. It was hard to pull out and made noise against the sides of the washer. I had to help. (I am totally crashed now from the effort)

So we will be trying a lot of laundry for the next while. With even more frequent and higher quality rewards to help her build up confidence and get looking forward to the job again.

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