04 October 2009

That Time of Year… Heat


It has been a long time since I last updated this blog. Molly has had an entire heat cycle. She did very well with her panties the entire time.Under the coffee table is one of her favorite places to lie down whether she's in heat or not.

Despite her season, Molly was able to work well and train well. DH and I are both very proud of how well she dealt with the entire thing. She is much better at cleaning up after herself than she was originally.

shawneeWe had expected the girls to cycle together, but they didn't. Initially expecting Shawnee also to be in heat, I put panties on her as well. She had great deal of trouble adjusting to them at first, but soon figured it out. Here she is lounging in panties in one of her favorite spots,DH's chair.

Once we were certain she was not in heat we stopped using the panties.At this point, we have no idea when she will cycle and are surprised she has not done so yet, as she is now approaching one year old.

Molly's heat continued more than the usual three weeks. Just as we became seriously worried about his continuation, it stopped. Everyone is very relieved it is finished, because now the girls get to sleep in bed again.

In training news, I haven't done much of anything. The girls have had many play sessions in the pony pasture with DH and have continued improving with their stays and downs and name recognition.

Both have shown an ability to recall at more than 50 m in the fence. We hope soon to test this at the beach so we can give them on the road test results for the levels. Because of Molly’s season, it has been a long time since we have taken a trip to the beach.

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