13 June 2008

Dressing Miss Molly

We got a long awaited package in the mail today from The Raspberry Field today. I am now the satisfied owner of a service dog vest. Molly is a fashionably dressed service dog. It took a little while to get because the vest was custom made to order and included a embroidery. I can only find a very minor editor's nit flaw on it, but not something I'm going to complain about.

The quality seems superb. Everything is sewn securely and they will repair things if problems do occur. The pockets work, of course, and it is pocket clear through over the top, so I could actually get a larger flexible object in over her back if I needed to.

The fit is very adjustable and is also excellent. I will probably cut off some some of the extra strap from the belly strap, but not until we've used it a bit more. I may wait in case I want to use it over a warm shirt in the winter. She does get cold sometimes if a chilly place and not active. It's that short coat that does it.

I ordered her "In Training" patches unattached, so I sewed those on after I took those pictures. I wanted to hurry and see how it fit and took pics to share right away. Then I sewed the patches on with bigger stiches (but not ugly, just so I can more easily remove them) above the zippers. They are above the SD patches but under the DO NOT PET embroidery. I sewed only into one layer of cordura, so it is still a tunnel up there if I need to slip something big into it.

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Samantha said...

That's nice, Molly looks good in that jacket. Like a real professional! :-)