13 June 2008

A Practice Drill

I'm still lost in migraine-land, so not really training. I spend most of my time sleeping. But last night I pulled myself together to make DH's lunch for work today. Usually he does it himself, but I'd crashed in the middle of making dinner two nights in a row and stuck it with him, so I felt like I owed him.

The point is that I ended up with a slice of meatball and a couple slices of egg leftover. What's a girl to do with these items but run the nice Molly through some practice exercises?

You may have heard of "doggy push-ups" before. That's a drill of downs and sits that ends up looking like the dog is doing push-ups.

At this point that would be a bit boring for Molly. So I did a mix of sit, down, stand, and touch. Stand is a newer one and her touch hasn't been that reliable outside of the living room training forum with a clicker environment. But for meatball and egg, Molly did great! She could down from sit or stand and stand from sit or down. She touched from any position. A few times early on she tried to sit in between a down and stand when she shouldn't, but when I just waited (no repeat on command) she followed through with the right position.

So basically she showed she knows all those commands and earned herself some nice tidbits and lots of praise.

She also picked up and delivered a slice of tomato for me. I tried to give it to her, but she didn't want it. At least she helped me clean it up.

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