24 June 2008

Molly's Report on the Last Few Days

It's been a hectic few days here. Mommy and Daddy had a lot they had to do, which means Mommy has been tired and hasn't had time to blog. She was supposed to let me at the computer yesterday, but she fell asleep. Oh well.

Saturday--that's what Mommy says it is called anyway--was a pretty quiet day. Mommy rested a lot and Daddy did some things outside. Part of the day I stayed in and took care of her and part of the day I got to run around and play in the pony pasture while Daddy was out there. Then they got showers and put on nice clothes.

I think they thought about leaving without me, but I asked nicely so I got to come along in the car. The sun was shining, so my crate stayed covered to keep me cool. But I could hear lots of things going on and rest. After a while, Mommy came out and sat with me. She was hurting--she said she sat too long--but I couldn't make her feel all better. I did lick her fingers and make her smile though. Then Daddy came and we went home. They said it wasn't a good time for me to practice.

When we got home, Daddy took me for a walk then everyone went to bed. I stayed by the door until they were asleep then went to bed myself.

Sunday was a lot more fun. They slept late and were slow getting moving, but they were both in here with me for a while. I walked around, trying to get something to happen. Finally it did--Mommy got out my mat and trained me.

She put the mat by the wall next to a chair and told me "Mat". The first few times, I just stood on it and she gave me treats, but then she waited until I lay down. Then she was really happy and clicked and gave me a couple treats. So after that I lay down on it when she said "Mat." She kept working me for a little while, making it harder all the time. I kept having to stay lying down longer and longer before I got treats. For example, she'd tell me mat and I'd go lie down on my mat. Then a little while later (mom says 10 secs is a good example), she'd click and give me a treat. I'd stay lying down and she'd wait again (she says she did it the same time for each mat command) before clicking and treating. After about 5 waits, she'd send me off the mat to go get a treat. Then I'd go back to the mat and do it again. Each time I went back to the mat, she made me wait quietly a little longer. Sometimes Mommy and Daddy talked while I lay on the mat--but I knew I had to stay there if I wanted my treats, so I did. Mom says I got up to 30 secs consistently in that one training session. She and Daddy were really happy with me and praised me and pet me a lot.

In the late afternoon, they said we were going out. I got my harness on and my leash and my SDIT vest. We got in the car and went for a drive. When we stopped again, we were at Farmor and Farfar's! Farmor and Farfar are Daddy's parents. So I got out of my crate on leash and walked nicely with Mommy on crutches along the road and into the garden. I pottied on command in the yard. Then we went in the house. I wanted to go say hi, but mom reminded me that I was working. So I went with her to go help get her shoes off. I was a good, quiet girl and sat nicely when mom said. Then daddy took off my vest and mom said I was off duty. So I ran to say hi to farmor and farfar and sat down so they could pet me. They said I looked great in my uniform.

It was a nice evening. Mommy brought my mat so I could practice more and show off how good I was. I got to go outside and run around in the yard several times, but when the dogs in the neighbor's yard teased me so I barked, mom and dad made me come inside again. Farfar dropped a crutch once, so Mommy told me to take it and give it to him. I did it, of course, and got treats and lots of praise. I also practiced down and stay some. Mommy says my mat work is consistent at 30 seconds on one cue (mat only, she doesn't have to tell me to lie down) despite the distractions and all the fun waiting to happen.

When we got home, I helped Mommy get ready for bed then they went to sleep. Daddy got up and went to work in the morning like usual, but Mommy went back to sleep. I finally had to make her get up when morning was almost over. She says she's lucky I did. It wasn't long after I got her up that she had to go to her "training." I helped her get her shoes and stuff ready to go, but stayed home. I don't know what she trains, but she is usually tired and smells like chlorine when she gets home. The good thing is that she often feels better the next few days.

After she got home, she gave me my kong with liver pate and kibble in it. I got to eat and play with that while she started dinner for her and daddy. After I emptied my kong the first time, she filled it up and I ate it all again. Then daddy got home. I was so happy to see him. He took me with him for a drive and mommy stayed home. When we got back, I got another kong of kibble and pate and they ate dinner. After dinner, we snuggled for a while all three of us.

But then mommy fell asleep so I stayed quiet for the rest of the evening. Then they went to bed and I got to sleep in my own bed. Now we are at today. I've already had two kongs of kibble that was extra-tasty because Daddy put soup on it. Mommy promises to train more with me. She is feeling better. I've also warmed her sofa for her while she ate breakfast and we've enjoyed a few snuggles. She even tossed my kong for me and let me chase it.

The weather is really windy and nasty, so mom wants to stay inside. But that's okay, because she is good at keeping us both busy and entertained in here.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Bex
You sure are doing some serious training with Molly.
well done.

Rebecca and Molly the Border Collie said...

Thank Di. I'm really proud of her too. :-)