22 June 2008

Recent Blog Changes

Molly and I have been working on fine-tuning the blog recently. We want to make it more fun for people to read while still very informative.

Our resource list is back and better than ever. The things on there are things we have experience with ourselves and can recommend. If you know of a resource that you think we should check out and consider adding to the list, please send us an e-mail and we'll check it out.

Because our blog entries are meant to be informative as well as entertaining, we're trying to index them. Use the list of index terms to find entries related to a particular topic. The glossary defines special terms and acronyms that we use regularly but might not be familiar to everyone. Please let me know if I'm using a word that you think should be added to the list.

We've learned about a new tool for tracking our levels training and sharing it with you. So now you can view Molly's scoreboard to see her current status in Level Training and check out our Level Training Journal. I'd first planned only to list tests in the journal, but I've since decided to put some training info in there, too. So the more interesting training posts will still show up here in the blog, but stuff that is just day-to-day training as aprt of the levels program I will try to track in the journal. That way you don't have to read things that say "today we worked on mat training in the living room with this treat" unless you really want to. But if I learn something new or Molly has a neat experience she wants to share, we'll still blog it like usual.

You've probably noticed that we're getting more pictures in our posts. I'm trying to get better about taking them so you can see how we do things and what Molly looks like in different situations. There's also the slideshow of newer Molly shots in the corner to give you a constant fix of pictures of the pretty girl in different situations. Expect future posts to hold even more pictures of Molly playing, training, and working.

Our friends list includes people we know in real life and those net contacts that we consider personal friends. We have more friends than are listed here, but we can only list the ones with web sites and blogs. If you're a friend (or think you are) and have a site we haven't listed, please let us know. I may be hesitant about my evaluation of our relationship or I may not know of your site. The list is for both my friends and Molly's.

Molly and I like to read about and see what other dogs are doing, especially working border collies. We've listed some of our favorite sites to share them with our readers. You can find all sorts of neat dog blogs on "Dogs with Blogs" to read about dog lives all over the globe.

Molly has made a blog entry reporting about things from her own point view. That isn't the last time we'll have a "Molly Reports" entry. She loved doing it and I enjoyed the break, so expect more reports to come.

We hope you'll continue to enjoy our blog and will enjoy the changes we've made. We'll keep trying to find ways to make the site better.


Amber-Mae said...

Hi there Rebecca & Molly! Nice to meet cha both & Welcome to Dogs With Blogs!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Candi said...

Hi Rebecca and Molly, it's soo nice to meet you both. I seen you on dwb so i thought i would paw over to check you's out. Your both very cute.

lots of licks

Rebecca and Molly the Border Collie said...

Molly sends her thanks, licks, and sniffs to both of you. She's looking forward to checking out both of your blogs too.