20 July 2008

Doing Better and Public Access

We've been taking it pretty easy and Molly is seeming a lot more like herself. I gave her treats for coming into the laundry room, which she ate gladly and without signs of stress. We did some mat training today to build up time. We're also doing lots of named retrieves with things she knows, like mat, pants, and phone. She is gettign really good at the retrieves, even from quite a distance.

Today we took her to Farm Fun, which is a petting zoo-like place next door to us. The place is crawling with kids and dogs on leashes. We got ice cream for us and sat down. Molly mostly did okay, but she was whining a lot. She still responded to sit, down, and target commands, but didn't take treats (so she also passed on the road L3 zen).

The whining was mainly aimed at dogs and kids. We need more practice!!

Our thanks to everyone who has worried about Molly and sent her good vibes. I hope to be able to report that she's completely back to normal within a few days. We're going to stay taking it easy a little longer and not add any new behaviors yet. We will probably continue trying to improve and practice things she is already doing easily like we've been doing.


Samantha said...

Hey i am glad Miss Molly is feeling better.

Sounds a good plan Bex, just practising things she already knows for a while until she is completely back to herself. :-)

Samantha said...

I have given you an Award but you have to drop by my blog to collect it. :-)

Tansy said...

Oh, often it is good to Take a Break from Work! Glad you are taking Treats; when I am stressed I have no interest.

Sometimes I am a bit anxious before going to Work Sheep; now I frolic and "yuck it up" with my person for a few minutes beforehand, then I'm more relaxed.

Best Barks,