23 July 2008

More Public Access Practice

We've been trying to get Molly out into public more. So yesterday we spent half an hour in the bigger town near us on a popular walking street. It took a little bit for Molly to quit pulling, but she did GREAT! She wanted to sniff a little, but soon learned to keep moving and stay with me. Her leash wasn't loose, but she quit pulling hard once I got everything adjusted right.

DH pushed my wheelchair so I could concentrate on Molly. I tried to praise her and pet her when she was walking right and when she went past people and dogs without a reaction.

She did get her paw run over once--she crossed in front of me at the last minute when a small furry dog moved closer to her. But she just gave a little yelp and kept moving. She seems to be fine, luckily.

Other than the yelp, she was quiet all the time except when a big furry black dog invaded her space and got rude. Then she only made a little noise and settled right away once the dog couldn't reach her anymore. She also didn't try to jump on people or visit them.

Town was really busy with lots of other dogs and people and kids. So I'm really proud of her. She also sat perfectly on command the one time we had to cross a street then moved again on command.

I want to try to practice on the bike path here to get her better trained with where to be by the wheelchair. DH thinks I should put a rod on the chair to hold her in place in a more fixed way, but I worry about the added width. It is hard enough to find space for my chair as it is and sometimes she has to go in front of or behind me for us to get through. So I don't think the rod will work.

One of these days, I'll get DH to take pictures of Molly and me with the chair. But it is hard for him to do that and push me at the same time!

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