07 July 2008

A Good Day

There isn't anything exciting going on with training, but we still had a good day today. We did a short training on getting up on a chair with her front feet this morning. After just 3 clicks for looking at the chair, she was back on it with her paws. This is great considering the several day long break we've had from training.

We've also trained "watch" (her looking at me and making eye contact) in a few short sessions while playing. When she gives me her toy, I hold it and tell her to watch. After a good period of eye contact, I throw the toy. I was varying the time to make things interesting. But she could consistently hold eye contact for 35-40 seconds when I asked for it. A lot of the time I asked for less.

We've gotten some rain today, but she still got time out in her fence. She had a case of the zoomies and ran around like a puppy while playing with a piece of horse hoof. We save the pieces from farrier visits for her and this was a big piece from Daisy's (DH's oldenborg) last trim.

Thunder doesn't seem to bother her because she didn't react to that. She was inside though. I've only had her out in thunder once and noticed a minor startle reaction but it was less the second time thunder rolled. That was a few weeks ago. So it looks like she isn't afraid of storms, but we don't get them very often.

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