09 July 2008

Yesterday and Ticks

Yesterday was another quiet day. We worked for a while on being quiet while handling shoes and relaxed a lot. Molly got outside time when it wasn't raining and a good play with DH before bed. She ate a bunch of Orijen while training, which is really great.

Now, about ticks. I am finding a bunch crawling on her or other places, but very rarely attached. This is great considering how long it has been since she last got a Frontline treatment. I think the garlic pills must be working really well on her.

This morning I found a tick crawling across the bathroom floor. Yuck. She hadn't even been out yet today.

I started killing ticks in a lidded glass of alcohol. I'm getting quite a collection of dead ticks in it. But I had to have something convenient. One of the disadvantages of DH quitting smoking is that there are no longer lighters and ash trays all over the house. Last year I burned the ticks in the ash trays, but without them around I went for the alcohol. Otherwise I'd have to get up and do something else with them every time I found one.

DH commented last night that Molly is starting to smell like a dog, especially when a little damp. I need to give her a bath again soon. I think the trip to the beach and getting her into the water is contributing.

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