09 July 2008

Molly Reports "I Passed Another Test"

Mommy trained me at putting my paws up on a chair this morning. I got lots of yummy treats, so that must mean I'm getting good at it. In between "paws up" commands, she had me doing all sorts of things like sitting, lying down, and touching her hand with my nose. I think she's silly, but I'll do it if it makes her happy. She's had a headache, so I really want to make her happy because then she doesn't look miserable.

This afternoon we lay down together out in my fence. Mommy read a book and I chewed on my kong. It had liver stuff in it and kibble and it was SOO yummy! I tried to share it with Mommy, but she'd rather read her book. Silly mommy.

When Daddy got home, he fiddled with fixing something in the kitchen. I wanted to help, but they wouldn't let me. So Mommy played with my kong with me and I got the rest of the yummy out of it. She squeezes it in her hands then throws it on the floor and more comes out. I like it when she helps me.

Then when that was gone, she had me get up on the chair in the kitchen. I haven't done that before, so I did mess up once. It's hard to do this new stuff and be ready to help Daddy at the same time. But Mommy says I did good and this means I pass my test for my trick at Level 3. I'd have started putting my feet on chairs ages ago if I knew she'd make such a big deal out of it!

After Daddy finished, they went out and left me all alone inside. I was good but I could hear them talking to a horse out there. I dunno why they don't let me come and help. I could hear them telling her to stand still--if I'd been there she'd of learned it. I'd be ready to help and stare at her until she did what they said. For some reason they don't like for me to work the horses. I'm just trying to help! Mommy says it's because I could get hurt, but I think they just don't want to share the big beasties.

But eventually they came back and Mommy let me out in my fence again. Daddy was in the garden so I got to be with him for a while. Then it was dinner time and I had to come in again.

Mommy put some rice in my bowl but that's BORING so I didn't eat it yet. Maybe later if I get really hungry. It's better when they play with me and give me food by hand. I was good while they ate and just lay down quietly. Daddy used to play with me during meals but he says I'm too old for that now. Whatever "old" is, I don't like it.

Now I'm going to see if one of them will play with me before bed time. It is cool now and I wanna play.

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