10 July 2008

Using Paws Up

It is really a great thing for me that Molly has learned her paws up command so well. Because of my health problems, bending down is very painful for me. To put Molly's harness on and off, I used to have to bend down.

Now life is so much easier and less painful. To put her harness on for a potty walk this morning, I just pulled out one of the kitchen chairs and said "paws up." She hopped up onto the chair right away and stayed still while I fit the harness.

Then I told her to go down. I use a Danish word ("Ned") for this. "Down" means lie down and if I say it, she hops off the chair and lies down on the floor, which isn't what I need when we're on our way out for a walk.

After our walk, I can just cue her up onto the chair again. I don't even need treats for this.

The only reason I needed treats this morning was to get her to stay on the chair while I wasn't handling her long enough for me to take some pictures. But my blog was getting so boring without pictures that I needed to take at least one to share.

1 comment:

Ronak said...

Molly, you are so smart to learn your paws up command. I live with my big sis, but I visit mom and dad pretty often, and has arthritis real bad. When he needs to put my leash on, I put my front legs as high up on his legs as they'll go to help out. Us doggies are just so smart and considerate! :)