11 July 2008

New Kong and Bone Filling

I got an idea for another filling for Molly's kong and hollow bone. I'd thought about using broth before, but then it would be so messy as it melted. But then I got an idea--GELATIN!

So I boiled 2 cups of water and put a beef bullion cube in it and stirred. Then I dissolved a packet of gelatin in just enough cold water to cover it. Once dissolved, I mixed it into the broth and put the whole thing in the fridge.

After it started to gel, I mixed some with rice and kibble and used that to fill Molly's hollow bone and kong. She LOVED it!

With the rice in it I wouldn't want to give her this bone in the house--rice gets all over too easily. But I filled the bone again later with clumps of set "beef jello" and kibble and gave her that inside on her mat. It started frozen but I didn't have to worry about liquid all over as it thawed. She loved that too.

So now I have an easy new way of making kong and bone filling that is easier to handle than liquids. It is really hard to fill a kong with something that insists on running out the hole in the other end. With a thicker substance, like yogurt, I can block the hole with a rawhide chew stick. But broth would just run through anyway.


Rockstar said...

Fun idea! I think I'd like to try it. My 2 looooove a kong filled with yummy stuff, and this sounds right up their alley in terms of yummy!

Beta said...

Okay this is on my list of yummy treats I need to get Madison to make for me. I'll have to remind her to buy gelatin when were at the grocery store later today.