30 July 2008

Molly Reports on Panties and a New Blog Award

Mommy and Daddy keep making me wear these things they call "panties." They won't let me in the living room without them. :-( The first time I had to wear them, I thought they invented some new tortur device, but now I'm sorta OK with them. But I'd rather be left in peace to lick myself clean. Since my blog has gotten so boring without pictures, Mommy insists that we must post panty pictures. I'm SO embarrassed! This is almost as bad as that potty picture she posted before. But at least she will let me pick which ones to share.

Here I am just after I got a treat. I dunno why Mommy had to take a picture when my tongue was stuck out, but she says it is very cute. At least I am wearing one of my cool western panties instead of the pink Minnie Mouse one.

You can also see my nice new dog tag. It doesn't dig into my chest like the old one did and it's purty.

Even though I am drippy and stuck in panties, I still have to do work. Here I am fetching Mommy's pants for her.

She also makes me fetch my mat and the fone a lot. It is fun to run around and find what she wants. Sometimes I have to give things to Daddy and he might not even be in the room! It's hard work to be an SD and it is SOO hot here.

To help me stay cool, Mommy made me ice cream again. This time she put peanut butter in it too. I lurve peanut butter!

But Daddy was busy in the other room so she told me to "leave it" and made me wait until Daddy came in to eat it.

I wasn't happy about waiting, but I did what Mommy said.

I got tired of waiting so lay down for a bit. But then Daddy finally came in and we all had ice cream. I ate mine really fast then Daddy let me lick the stick from his. I even made Mommy happy by keeping my ice cream on my mat.

We are honored to have gotten another blog award from our new friends, Desert Pups. Mommy read the rules of the award. It says we have to nominate 7 other blogs. As much as we like all our favorite blogs, we think it is a bit much to ask of our friends. We're honored to be chosen, but we de-kline to pass it on.

I hafta run now! Daddy has a BALL and is offering to play with me. It is finally cool enough to run around a little.

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Beta said...

We call those things Bitch Britches here. Before I was spayed Madison thought I was going into heat and she was going to have to buy me a pair. I'm really glad I didn't go into heat.