04 August 2008

Not Much

With the weather and Molly's heat, we haven't been up to much. I've also been suffering from some pretty nasty migraines.

We've worked on item recognition and on quieting her work with shoes, but nothing new. I am hesitant to push her hard while she is in heat--she can be so easily distracted by her hormones and I don't want to give her negative experiences.

I guess you can say that Molly is getting a very boring extended vacation. We won't take her for walks or to public places we might run into other dogs while she is in heat. There is no reason to risk an accidental breeding. I'm also unwilling to push public access while she is dripping.

She's had lots of time for playing with her Daddy and has gotten a large rawhide to chew. As usual, she's being difficult about eating. She does spend a lot of time with me and trying to take care of me. She knows I am not feeling well.

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