06 August 2008

Teaching Molly to Eat--Again

We've decided to try again to teach Molly to eat like a normal dog. This time we're using Sue Ailsby's method. Sue is the person who made the Levels Book that we use as our main training guide.

We started this morning. Molly refused to eat. So dinner tonight was skipped. Tomorrow she gets one piece of kibble in her bowl (Orijen).

Think good thoughts for us please. We really need her to get more normal eating habits!

Now is the best time for this work. I'm willing to lay off training her totally. So she gets no training treats, no rawhide chews, etc. DH is fully on board (he does the morning "feed").

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Samantha said...

Zac has been being a pain eating again lately. We feed James Wellbeloved lamb & Rice kibble and they now have a pouch of Lamb, rice & Veg. You can use it as a main food or a topper for kibble. They love it and yeah it is perhaps giving into him but when he doesn't eat breakfast i have been giving them a little with their tea. Yum he thinks and eats the lot then. I am not a fan off soft food but don't mind this way as it is a good quality one and only as a topper food.

I know you can't get that food in Denmark, i just know to well how it feels when they don't eat.

Anyway i hope that you can get Miss Molly to eat again. I fret so much when mine don't eat. More than i should i know. Even to the point off hand feeding, which i know i shouldn't but i have to admit i do that too occasionally.