28 August 2008

A Visit to the Doctor

I had to make a visit to my doctor yesterday and took Molly with me for the first time. She hasn't been in that sort of environment before--where it was quiet, only few people, and she had to lie still and quiet. The challenge did not come easily for her. She was a little uneasy and whiney, especially in the beginning.

When the next patient came into the waiting room, she jumped up excited and tried to say hello. But when nothing came of it and I had her sit and lie down again, she settled back down. The next time someone walked in, she only looked at them with interest, but said and did nothing more.

Unfortunately, she tried to jump on the doctor, but he didn't seem to mind. I need to work really really hard on ending this behavior.

But in more good news, I now have a letter from my doctor confirming my need to take my service dog with me on our upcoming trip.

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