02 September 2008

Service Dog Molly Ready to Go

We leave tomorrow on our big trip.

Yesterday Molly visited the vet to get her health certificate for the flight. She behaved perfectly through the entire exam, lying, sitting, and standing on the table on command. She also put her paws up on the table when she first needed to get on it and hopped up to make it easier to lift her up for the exam. She got the all clear for the flight. No health problems of any sort and all her shots are taken care of and documented. She also got this picture added to her EU pet pass.

Very early this morning, DH gave her a thorough bath. So she now is clean and shouldn't be carrying much in the way of allergens.

As you can see on her vest, she is now a full service dog. She still has things to learn and will benefit from more experience, but she is handling everything we throw at her with grace.

Poor Molly is very confused right now. She knows something is happening. She can feel our excitement. But all the words we can use to explain it to her don't mean very much yet. She doesn't quite get what an airplane is, although she does know what a trip is. She doesn't understand why her kong and hedgehog are packed away in the soft-sided box or why her mat is rolled up in a backpack. She also doesn't have much of a concept of time. So when we talk about taking a trip, she heads for the door, ready to go. If one of us goes out without her, she worries that she is being left behind. We told her she'll be seeing Grandmom and Granddad tomorrow. I'm sure she remembers them because she met them once almost a year ago.

Please think good thoughts for us tomorrow. It is Molly's first time in an airplane and it will be a long trip for us all. She has heartworm medication waiting in the US, so she'll be well protected while there. She also has a dog tag waiting with the address and phone number there. Hopefully we won't have forgotten anything that can't be replaced!


Raising Addie said...

Good Luck Molly!

Have a fun and safe trip! I had my first plane ride when I was 7 weeks old. It was super easy.

Laura said...

Have a terrific (uneventful) trip, Molly, Bex, and DH. Because Molly is your official SD, can she travel in the cabin with you? And where in the US are you going?

Tansy said...

Sharp Barks, Molly! My Flock and I wish you and your People a Good Trip. You look very Fine in your Vest! I hear you might be seeing Sheep? You will certainly have many Interesting Experiences to relate when you return to your Blog.


Rebecca and Molly the Border Collie said...

Thank u all.

I dunno wat iz happenin, but I am exzited! Mommy sayz I kan see grandmom n granddad tomorro!

We ll trie to write often.

Addie: Wat iz "plane"?

Wags n sniffs,

Samantha said...

Have a safe trip Bex,Dh & Molly, i look forward to reading about your adventures! Take plenty of pic's! :-))

Lexi, Qwill, Shiner and Trophy said...

Save travel, I hope Molly does well on the plane! Hopefully I'll get to see you on the 20th, even if the boys don't! :)