23 October 2008

A Fall

I fell today. My legs weren't working and I was moving around on crutches, being stubborn to get something done. DH was outside and there I lay on the floor. I wasn't hurt, but I couldn't get up. My legs wouldn't do what I said they should.

Molly proved her worth once again. First, she gathered up my crutches. Then I thought I'd wait awhile because I wasn't too uncomfortable, so she lay down with me to take care of me. After a few moments of that, she went to get her bunny to offer it to me to cheer me up. Finally I got tired of lying there so I told her to find her daddy.

Well, she can't go out when the door is shut. She kept running to the door and back to me. Then she started to bark. So I praised her and encouraged her and after a few barks, my DH came to see what was up. I told him she was finding him and I needed his help, so he came and helped me get up off the floor.

I'm very proud of Molly for her persistence and her desire to do SOMETHING for me even if I don't ask her to.


Raising Addie said...

I'm so glad you are ok. Molly is one amazing dog!

That is so sweet that she brought you her bunny!


montyandrosie said...

There really is nothing like a Border Collie! How brill Molly is. Glad you're okay.

Susan (proud BC owner of Monty and Rosie)

Rebecca and Molly the Border Collie said...

Thanks everyone!

I was a little sore afterwards, but I'm feeling much better today. I've also learned a lesson about the risks of being stubborn and pushing my body too far. It was my own fault I fell--I was being stubborn and refusing to rest when my body told me to.

Quincy said...

Take care of yourself. Madison pushes herself to hard somedays because she feels really good. Then she has to pay for it the next day. I so glad Molly has finished her training.

Dina said...

I am glad that you are feeling better now. Molly did good, she is a pretty girl. I love her tri marked eyebrows.

Anna said...

Glad you are ok and the fall wasn't too bad. Well done to Molly for being so good.

Rebecca and Molly the Border Collie said...

Thank you all. I am really doing much better today.

Quincy, Molly will never really be finished training. I think she will be learning new things and getting better at old things for her whole life. She's just gone far enough to be acceptable working in public. :-)