20 October 2008

Mat a 10 Feet

I've not been on much lately--my laptop died and working at my desk is
very painful. Poor Molly also hasn't been training much because of my
health issues and stress of trying to get through the system for a
pension or something.

Molly's mat has been outside on the clothes line since we got back
from the US. It needed to be sure to be flea-free and bad weather
kept leaving it wet when I wanted to bring it in. But it finally came
in this weekend and spent some time drying out totally before I got it
out to Molly.

So I decided to test her in the kitchen for doing the mat from the
proper distance. I put it down on the floor while she was out of the
room then called her in. She immediately ran over to her mat and lay
down. I think she was happy to see it.

Then I called her to me at about 10-12 feet away--the furthest
possible in the kitchen. When she came to me, I then told her to mat.
She ran immediately over to HER mat, ignoring the small rug I was
standing on, and lay down perfectly, completely on it. She stayed
with no problems. I treated her and did it again to make sure it
wasn't a freak. Nope. She ran to her mat and did it again. I
started dishes while she stayed without fussing or anything.

So she finally passed L4 mat and I am once again reminded of the
advantages of putting a tough thing aside for a while to let it settle
into her and get exciting again.


Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Good to see you back blogging Bex. I was wondering if you guys were okay.

Aww, Molly must have missed her mat while it was being washed. She is a good girl. :-)

Dina said...

Yes i agree you have been missed.
good to see you posting again.

Tansy said...

Excellent on the mat, Molly! Yes, I and my flockmates can agree about setting aside a Difficult Task and coming back to it later with success. We have interesting Minds, don't you think?

We don't know if you have a Feather Bed (or if that'd be good for you) but we find that lovely for Resting. Do take care.