27 October 2008

Molly Reports that All Work and No Play Makes an SD a Dull Girl!

Just like you peeple, a service dog needs to get some time off werk to play and relax. I spend a lot of my day lying around bein ready to help Mommy if she needs me. When I'm "on call" like that, I kan sleep n nap n jus be a dog.

Sometimes a gurl jus wanna haf fun! Wen I feel like dat, I play wif some of my toyz. If Mommy or Daddy is home, I like for dem to play wif me. My new fav toy is my bunny! I got da bunny on our trip to USA. Grandmom and Granddad's kat Dumbo had one and I luved to play wif it. So Mommy got me one of my own. It doesn't look quite da same as Dumbo's bunny, but we named im after it.

When I squeeze da bunny wif my mouth, he squeeks. It is really cute.

I like it when dey trow bunny for me, but if dey won't, I just play wif him alone. I likes ta make him talk n keep his fur clean. Bunny is de only toy Im lowed to take to der bed wif me! He likes ta sleep in Mommy n Daddys bed wif us.

Another toy I like wen Mommy or Daddy'll play wif me is "pindsvin." Mommy says dat means hedgehog. Dis is my third hedgehog. Da first two didnt say anyfing, but dis one makes a nice SQUEEEEK! I really like it wen Mommy and Daddy trow it so it squeeks da whole way. Den I bring it back to dem ta trow agin. I kan play like dat for HOURS n HOURS!

But Mommy doesn always feel good nuff to play wif me. Sometimes she needz ta rest or iz buzy wif somfin else. So at times like dat, I play wif my new nylabone or a nother chew toy. It iz good to chew on tings dat are mine.

So dats what dis border collie werkin gurl does for fun when she cant herd sheep or help Mommy.


Dina said...

Aww bless her!

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Hey Molly,

You got your nylabone then, they are great, we love ours. :-)

Your new bunny looks good.

Holly & Zac

Tansy said...

Excellent, Miss Molly! I too Love my soft Plush Toys that Squeak, much like your Bunny. It's good you have a Variety of Leisure activities, with all the good hard work you do!


Erin and guide pup Midnight said...

Hi Molly!
I'm a guide dog puppy in training,my foster mom can't teach me fun stuff like you do know but one day she says I may get to learn that stuff!!
What you do sounds really really cool! Good luck!!


and Raiser Erin