03 November 2008

Idag er Mollys fødselsdag! Today Is Molly's Birthday!

Today is Molly's second birthday. This means my little puppy is starting turn into a grown-up!

My DH has to work today, so we did some of the celebrating yesterday.

The ponies are still at the neighbor's, so DH, Molly, and I headed out to their pasture for a vigorous play session. The weather was quite cold, but Molly loved it.

DH threw the ball and Molly ran and chased it. The horses in the other pasture came and watched. They wanted to join the party and wish Molly a happy birthday. They're also a little jealous because we don't celebrate their birthdays.

Molly didn't pay much attention to them. She was too busy playing with her daddy.

Molly remembered to take time out for water. She really likes the new water cup in the fence, which turns out to be a perfect height for both her and ponies.

She tends to prefer water from the garden pump instead of the tap inside. It helps that it is barely above freezing out and had had to have ice removed before she could drink.

To keep things interesting, DH mixed down-stays and sit-stays into the game. Molly behaved beautifully, holding her stays solid despite the ball flying away.

She also impressed us with her calm reaction to people walking by on the gravel road with a noisy little dog. I think it was a dog anyway. It was at least moving fur on the end of a leash that made vaguely dog-like noises.

Molly ran over to the fence when they were close, but came back when called. She didn't make any noise or look at all afraid of or aggressive towards the furball.

Both the great stays and the calmness at dogs shows how far she has come in the past few years. She'd been very fear-aggressive with dogs for a while, but a little work with Control Unleashed and the extra training with Erin on the US trip has really made a big difference in her attitude.

The only present that Molly will get today is a new rawhide chew. She has a lot of stuff already and Christmas is coming. She'll get some meat at dinner too. I didn't make her a cake though and don't have yoghurt for making her ice cream.


Erin said...

Happy BDay special girl! Sounds like your day was a wonderful one! My girls are jealous that you have a big field to play in. :)

Anna said...

Happy birthday Molly.

2 years old you have to start acting like a grown up now!

Enjoy your dinner

Laura said...

Happy birthday to Molly :)

Rebecca and Molly the Border Collie said...

Tank u all. I haz a good birfday yesterday.

Erin: U n Z n Maggie r welkum to kom play wif me in da pasture.

Wagz n sniffs,

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Happy 2nd Birthday wishes Miss Molly.


Dina said...

Belated birthday wishes to little Miss Molly......