27 November 2008

Molly Reports on Thanksgiving

Mommy sez dat today is a speciel day in da US. It is a day fer giving tanks for da tings you luv. Since Mommy is from over der and duzzen get to selebrate today really, I tought I would share sum af de ting I am tankful for so she duzzent miss it too much.

I am tankful for morning snuggelz in bed wif Mommy. I lie down wif her wile she is sleepin. Whenever she wakes up, she pets me n rubs my tummy n tells me she luvs me.

I am tankful for evening snuggelz and playz in bed wif Daddy. We restle and akt silly n stuff. And he pets me n tells me I'm a good girl n he luvs me.

I must mention Bunny. He is soft n squeeky n Im lowd to take him to bed wif me in Mommy n Daddys bed.

Den der is pindsvin. He is yellow n squeeky n rolls life a ball. Mommy n Daddy play wif me wif him.

I luv my fence. It lets me run round n go VROOM-VROOM wen I wanna. Der are peeses of horse hoof in der dat I can play wif and chew on wen I am out der.

I am tankful for Mommy n Daddy. Dey give me werk to do n yummy stuff to eat n a nise home. I luv dem so much.

I wanna wish Grandmom n Granddad a veree special Happee Tanksgivin. I know de miss Mommy n wish she was der. It wud be wunderful ta see dem igen.

Luv ya!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Molly, Your Mommy's parents miss her very much but they know she has a good home in Denmark and a good husband and a good dog. They hope she also has good friends and lots of happy times even when she does hurt alot. Her home is there now and they understand that is where she wants to be. Maybe she is celebrating a little of her US holiday there today.