27 November 2008

True Color Thursday -- Blue

I'm sorry about the possibly rerun pictures today, but my hands are hurting so I'm not up to much.

Here is Molly with her bunny on the blue rug in the living room. She is under the coffee table, one of her favorite spots to hide out.

Here we are in the US. Me, Molly, DH, and my mom. We are watching a sheepdog demo. Note the blue jeans (x2), my blue hat, and my mom's blue shirt. My dad took this picture.

I just love this picture of Nashville and it is one of the first I thought of for this theme. It just feels so BLUE everywhere. Blue sky, blue AT&T building, other blue building, DH's blue shirt and jeans...

We really had a great tour of the city but that was an exhausting day for me and Molly. For my DH too. My wheelchair is a little too short for him to be able to stand up straight and push. He finally figured out hwo to fix it after we got home.

Very blue mat. Molly and I are training with Erin and Ziva here. You can read about Ziva in her blog, the SAR dog one!

This beach and ball picture of Molly and her daddy is from a year ago. we don't get to the beach as often these days because I can't walk so well. But here you can see blue sea and blue sky.

Puppy Molly on the blue carpet with a blue football (soccer ball for us Americans). That ball didn't last too long, but she loved it while it did. Now she has a sturdier one, but it isn't blue...

Border collies also come in blue! This is Josie, a rescued blue merle that lives with our friends Brenda, JJ, and Jake. We didn't get to meet Josie, because she wasn't there yet when we visited, but we think she is awesome anyway! Picture courtesy of Brenda (aka OurBoys).


Poopsie Blue said...

As a new friend this was a perfect Blue run through!
Hope you are feeling better & less blue soon.
And, TY for joining again!

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Those are great, i love seeing Molly pic's.

That Nashville one is beautiful, it looks lovely there.

Josie is gorgeous isn't she, it is a shame you missed meeting with her.

Dina ... UK said...

Great shot's Bexie.
I would love to go to Nashville....

Raising Addie said...

Wonderful pictures!

Molly has the sweetest face!

I hope you feel better soon.

Take care,