29 December 2008

Playing Together

With my DH off work and doing much of the housework, Molly is mostly off-duty as SD. This is great because it is giving her plenty of time to adjust to her added role of big sister. Here are some pictures of the twosome playing in the fence outside.

Overall, things are going well with Shawnee. She is having fewer accidents and getting better at pottying more-or-less on command outside. She and Molly are pretty inseparable with Molly taking a very serious protective role with her little sister. Shawnee has passed L1 sit but nothing more on the levels training. We're having trouble luring a down, so we'll have to capture it. She definitely understands the clicker though.

Initially Shawnee was very quiet in her crate, but she is in a screaming and trying to dig her way out phase. We are trying to be strong and hopign it will pass soon.


Anne said...

OMG how cute they are together!They even look alike. I dont know if you plan to train the baby to be a SD too but, one thing I have learned from having Charlie who is now 8 months old is that the older dog can teach the pup so many things just watch to make sure that the learning is going in the direction that you want.lol. Anyway she is just as gorgeous as Molly. Just enjoy these little puppy days as they will be gone in a flash. I am loving all your pics and your writings always make me smile.

Ralph SD and Charlie SDIT hopeful

Dina ... UK said...

Happy New Year!
Lovely pictures....

Bethany said...

They are SO cute! Very handsome.