27 December 2008

Very Belated True Color Thursday: Green

I'm sorry I'm so late posting these. I've been exhausted with everything I was doing for the holidays. I am still tired today, but finally getting my act together a little.

This is our Christmas tree. We got a small one this year and put it on a stool to help make it puppy proof. We also put a round baby playpen grate around it. We did that last year too. It really worked out well.

Molly was very helpful at Christmas. She is the clean-up queen and made it very easy to keep our wrapping paper off the floor. She's pick it up where we dropped it or take it on command and give it to my DH, who had a trash bag ready. Note the green in the paper she is giving.

This is Molly helping her Daddy with their joint present--a jar of Skippy peanut butter from my parents. See the green tree in the background, the green leaves of the plants on the window sill, and the green panes in the stained glass window.

Now, to get beyond the holiday theme, how about a few of the normal green things in Molly's life?

Molly's dog tag is a green background witha clover. You should be able to see it in this picture. It is a very sturdy and easy-to-read tag, so we've ordered a similar one for Shawnee that we hope will arrive soon.

If you need a good, affordable dog tag, I recommend:

PawPrint Pet Tags

The dog's towels are green. This is a picture of Shawnee, Molly's little sister, resting on one of their towels on the kitchen floor.

I think I've shown a picture before of Molly retrieving one of the towels when helping me wiht the laundry.

In the background, you can also see a corner of Molly's dog bed, which is also green.

Once again, sorry for th elate posting!

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Raising Addie said...

Molly you are a very good helper! I tend to only shred the paper and not pick it up.

Shawnee is adorable on that green towel!

Very cute!