22 December 2008

Molly Reports on Shawnee, Her Little Sister

I taut we waz just goin fer a drive so I kud see sheeps da odder day. I got ta see da sheeps from da kar. Den I waited der wile Mommy n Daddy went in ta da peeples. I waited a while. Wen dey kom bakk, dey haft a liddel furry ting. Mommy sez shez my new sister n her name iz Shawnee.

She duzzent no much yet, so I haz ta help Mommy wif her. I help teech her da wordz like "kitchen" n "potty" by showin her wat ta do. If she duzzent do what Mommy sez, I woof at her.

I also haf ta teech her how ta play. Shez preddy good wif tug, but not much else.

Silly gurl tinks balls r fur chewin on. I haf ta werk hard ta keep my ball fur myself.

I also help ta make her sleepy by running around after her or lettin her chase me. I may look mad, but it iz all in good fun.

Cuz Mommy iz so tierd frum havin her, I haf ta do a lot af odder stuff ta help Mommy right now. I pick up bowls n fetch toyz fur her. I wanna help wif da late night potty walks, but Mommy sez I distract Shawnee too much.

It iz kinda fun ta haf a liddel sister, but it iz very tierin too. I haf ta relax on da sofa now while da liddel one iz sleepin in da crate.


Raising Addie said...

Oh Shawnee is just precious!

I know you will make a wonderful big sister!

I hope your mom is feeling better.


Anna said...

wow. She is gorgeous.


Edith said...

Hope you'll have a lot of fun with Shawnee, Molly. You definitely look like sisters and I'm sure you'll be a great teacher for her.

Poopsie Blue said...

Shawnee is adorable!
I'm going broody again here.
What fun you willl alll have together.

Re this weeks colour for True Colours Thursday, it's a seasonal one again GREEN!
With it being Christmas Day I'm unsure whether any one will play along apart from me, whose Christmasing alone.

Merry Christmas to you all.
Love, pats & pets

Dina ... UK said...

Congratulations! she is a cute...