21 January 2009

Molly Helps DH's Mother and Other Adventures

Everyone is very very proud of Molly today. We were up visiting my in-laws this morning and through lunch time. My MIL (mother-in-law) has been missing her one hearing aid since right after Christmas and thought she had lost it at a party. But today DH moved their kitchen table a few inches and I saw Molly pick something up. She came over to me and handed it to me. There was my MIL's hearing aid! It isn't bigger than a die from a board game so she easily could have swallowed it and who knows what it smells like. She'd been cleaning up crumbs from the carpet (they rely on home help from the government for vacuuming) but was able to differentiate between "i can eat this" and "i have to give this to someone" when she found the hearing aid. So my MIL is very happy to be in possession of her expensive aid again and everyone is VERY proud of Molly for her responsible action. That's what a lot of training can do. As well as praise, she got a nice rawhide bone to chew on.

While we were there, DH needed to take the very short walk to the local grocery store for some stuff for them. So the girls and I went along. Shawnee's new harness is great but hard to put on her--her feet have to go in 2 holes and it buckles on her back. She struggles some and usually manages to get a foot out before the other is in so it takes a few tries to get it on. But it was very inexpensive, can grow with her, and she is sure to learn to take it more calmly with time and a little training. It is great experience for Shawnee to get out on the streets of a town for more socialization. Molly is used to that sort of thing by now. Nothing near here is anything like what she experienced in Nashville. But she enjoys the new smells and sights and having something to do. They saw an electric scooter, several bicycles, a dog in a fence, a man pushing a noisy tall cart around just outside the storage part of the store, and cars around. Molly had a lot of fun just being a dog (as opposed to a working SD) and took in all the smells. Shawnee seemed more focused on walking fast and trying to keep up with Molly (DH had Molly and I don't want as fast as he does, so Shawnee and I fell behind a little).

Now both girls are out for a walk to the beach with their daddy. I am enjoying a chance to get a rest and brag about Molly's retrieve skills.


Andrea said...

Love your blog....and your dogs!!! So glad I stopped by today! Thanks for sharing your stories about your dogs. :)

Life With Dogs said...

Sounds like someone deserves a steak dinner.