20 January 2009

Quick Vet Visit

The vet came today to check whether my Quarter Horse mare (Borregos Maria) was with foal (she isn't for those who are wondering). Since he was here, he also gave Shawnee her second vaccination. DH was holding her and says that she didn't react any more than if someone was tickling her neck. Good girl!

Since her ears perked up, I'd noiced they had a bunch of gunk in them and I thought they looked a little red, so he checked that too. She was very good and let him look, but we've been practicing handling a lot lately. The good news is that it is just a bit of wax in her ears. Nothing to worry about. I was afraid it could be the beginning of osmething (I've had a cat get ear mites before. UCK!) and figured it was best to have it checked since he was here anyway.

DH is home today with a sore back. If the girls are lucky, he'll take them for a walk later. The chiropractor told him to walk as much as possible to help with the back problem.

We picked up an inexpensive reflective harness for Shawnee the other day (with a ring on the back, not the front) and I'm eager to hear how it goes with that. She is just big enough to fit a size M adjusted all the way in, so it can grow with her. A size M all the way out would jsut fit Molly, so it may even work when she is all grown up. Molly has her front lead harness and we have a car safety harness that can also be used for walking.

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