15 January 2009

Shawnee Reports on True Color Thursday: Black

Mommy sez dat I get ta help wif da blog now dat Im gettin ta be a big gurl n past Level 1 af da trainin program. So dese are my BLAK piks!

Mommy sez dat Im sposed ta say tanks ta Blue fur da idea.

Dis iz me n Molly. Weer tricullur border colliez, so dat meanz we r BLAK n wite n tan. But mostlee we r blak.

Molly iznt vewy happee wif me in dis piktshur cuz Im steelin da bone frum her.

Dis is Molly wif owr blak kong. Sumtimz Mommy puts yummy stuff in da kong fer os, lik peenut budder or pattay.

Molly liks da kong lots, but sumtimz she lets me play wif it too.

She iznt happy wif me if I take it frum her, but uzuly she lets me haf it if i wunt it.

Heer I am sayin, "Pleeze Molly, kan I haf da kong?"

Da krate iz blak. Dis iz me sittin in it. Wen I gets bord, I try ta let me out. Uzuly I'm stuk til Mommy or Daddy cumz, but wonce I got out on my own.

If I haz ta pottee, I wine n cry til dey kom n take me out. Sumtimz I try dat too if Im bord.

Da krat is big nuff fur wen Im big lik Molly, but it haz a wall in it now.

Da next pik iz af me n Molly playin wif da BLAK klude we had urlier. Mommy sez ta tell uz dat "klude" meenz rag ur sumtin lik dat.

Weev playd sa hard wif kluden dat it wuz fallin part. So Daddy gaf us a nu won taday. Itz blak too.

Mommy dropt her fone taday. Molly wuz busy playin soz I pikt it up n gave it ta Daddy. Dey didnt beleef I'd dun it, so dey dropt it igin n took a piktshure da secund time. Mommyz fone iz BLAK too, so heer I am pikken it up.


Dina ... UK said...

My Goodness Shawnee has grown...
Perfect Black's Bexie...

Dragonstar said...

Such a lot of black! Well done.

Lily Hydrangea said...

Very good! Molly is very patient & you are very cute Shawnee.

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Hehe.. fun pic's.

I bet those two have a lot of fun together. :-)

Poopsie aka Blue said...

Hi Shawnee, you are perfect for black!

Pats & pets

Marguerite said...

Great pics. Shawnee & Molly are both so cute!

Fenway said...

Hi border collies from Denmark.

I am a border collie from the USA...and I live very near Washington, DC. I am intact, too, Mollie. But I am not intact because I'm a service dog. I don't do favors for anyone. I am intact because I am a show dog. Some of my good friends will be at the Westminster Dog Show next month in New York. It's a big deal, but I haven't been invited...yet. I don't really care. I'd rather play ball and frisbee than look pretty.

I wish I had a sister like you two.