13 February 2009

Molly in Panties

Molly is really showing us how much she's grown up with this round of
season. She stands perfectly still, when we put her panties on her. She
shows no sign of being distressed by wearing them either.

When it's time to go out for potty walk, she waits patiently while remove
the end steps forward when we take them down to the ground. When they come
in again, she waits patiently until you're ready to put them on her.

Both she and Shawnee are given treats that because Shawnee doesn't get in
the way when we mess with the panties.

Right now she is running around in her cute little pink Minnie mouse

1 comment:

Fenway said...

We just read that your Alpha Female is having some physical problems with pain in her hands and we are so very sorry to know that. It must be so hard to take care of two such active dogs when your body won't cooperate. We hope things improve....we really do.

Meanwhile, I'd love to see a picture of Molly in her Minnie Mouse panties!

Happy Valentiine's Day,