18 February 2009

Silly Puppy

Molly and Shawnee were playing. Suddenly Molly started barking, I guess she thought she heard something. Molly went out to the kitchen. Suddenly she was barking with the biggest bark she could summon out of her little puppy chest. The hair on her neck must've been standing 2 inches tall.

So of course I got up to see what the fuss was about. As I walked to the kitchen I saw a cushion had fallen off one of those straight chairs in the dining room. I picked it up, and Shawnee pulled back in fear. Apparently little girl was terrified of the cushion. I remained calm and waved it around for a while so finally she came to sniff it.

Just one more experience that a small puppy needs in the process of socialization.

On a side note, Molly has discovered that she doesn't trouble if she puts her nose under her panties to keep her parts clean. She and trying to lick her panties in the past which we have been discouraging, because then the pad doesn't stick. I find her creativity a bit humorous. She also can't help it is her nature to keep herself clean.

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