05 March 2009

Daddy Loves Us

The voice to text system does not speak dog, so the girls asked me to post this message for them.

We know for sure that daddy loves us. Yesterday he brought something special home from work for us. Daddy works with shrimp, so he smells really yummy everyday. But the company also makes other yummy fish things.

We have been getting fish pate with our meals today. We've also heard rumors that he has salmon pate waiting for tomorrow. He is also the source of the special cans of shrimp that we get as training treats.

To be certain that we have plenty of fish in our diets, daddy gives us fish oil pills every day. He also gives us E vitamins to keep us healthy. Because we don't get to eat bones (not every day anyway), we sometimes get a little extra calcium.

Daddy get this extra yummy thing from grandmom in the states that is called peanut butter. Even though he doesn't have very much of it, he always shares with us. It is especially good on apples.

Once in a while we get these white fluffy things that he calls marshmallows. The best ones come from grandmom. Molly wants you to know that she will do anything for a marshmallow. Shawnee has only had a few but she wants them too.

We love daddy too. We are happy every day when he gets home from work and play with him and jump on him. Life would be boring without daddy.

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Anonymous said...

Don't tell Daddy but there will soon be more peanut butter on the way.