09 March 2009

Sunday Afternoon's Beach Trip

Sunday afternoon turned out to be the perfect time for a trip to the beach. Because I'm not up to walking very far, we weren't able to walk to the closest beach. As we were driving anyway, we checked the wind direction and determined that we should head to the east coast, which is where we usually are anyway.

We went right around the time when most people were eating dinner and not long before sunset. It was a little chilly, so we needed gloves, but the girls enjoyed it. Spent some time playing with the frisbee then with the ball. We also did some recall training. Both girls were off leash and very reliable.

Much to our surprise, Molly eagerly went into the water. The tide was out, so there was a good bit of water on the beach itself. Shawnee didn't want to get wet, so wouldn't go after the toy when it went that direction. Shawnee had a great deal of difficulty retrieving anyway. She is teething and has lost her lower canines. It turns out that it's very hard to pick up a frisbee without lower canines.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures especially the sunset ones.

Shawnee is in my favourite stage of puppy hood - the leggy stage :)

Melissa Mitchell said...

I love to watch service dogs having fun! Ours love the beach as well. Great photos, thanks for sharing.

tom said...

Beautiful dogs. Wonderful photos. Thanks for posting them.

I put little dabs of pnutbutter around the edge of Lacey's dish. She usually saves them for dessert.