11 March 2009

A New Toy

Molly hasn't gotten to play with Bunny very much lately. We are afraid that Shawnee will be a little too aggressive with Bunny.

So, when I saw this stuffed toy at a thrift shop the other day, I couldn't resist getting it for the girls. It was very inexpensive and has a Velcro tummy. When I got him home, I discovered that I could remove the bean bag in his belly. I replaced it with a couple of old socks----much safer for the girls.

So far Shawnee is treating him with a great deal of respect. We are only letting them play with him under observation. DH especially loves the non-squeaky feature, because he was often irritated by Bunny's squeak.

The pictures only show Molly, because Shawnee was taking a nap when I took them.

Edited to add: My mother pointed out that I neglected to tell you the name of the new toy. His name is Lamby and Molly is already learning to recognize him by name. So far, Shawnee does not seem to have learned any toy names. Maybe she is less adept at language by nature?

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Fenway said...

Oh, give Shawnee time. She's young and will undoubtedly learn the names of her favorite toys quickly. The operative word here is FAVORITE! She will know them by name and eagerly go find them just like big sis Molly!

Did you hear about he border collie in Germany that knows the names of his 200+ toys. He will get each one by name...and only that one. We saw him on TV and it was astounding!

Lambie looks delicious!