13 March 2009

Loose Leash Walking

DH has been complaining that Shawnee pulls a lot on the leash. She and I had done some intermittent work on it, but nothing very serious. So for a quick potty outing, I decided to also do some loose leash walking training. Since Molly's heat is over, she's getting to come out on potty outings primarily off leash.

I filled my pocket with dry liver treats and headed out the door. Before Shawnee manage to stretch her leash out, I quickly clicked and treated. So Molly wouldn't feel left out, I called her to me to practice a recall. Then we resumed walking and repeated a few times. After both had pottied, we repeated the procedure the way back. On the way out I had to stop once and wait for Shawnee to let the leash get loose. On the way back, I started was to test and she immediately kept the leash loose. I of course clicked and treated.

It is going to take a little while for Shawnee to learn that the loose leash is the default behavior regardless of whether I have treats and a clicker. I'm also going to have to do some DH training to make sure he understands the procedure.

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