25 March 2009

Taking Turns

Initially we had the girls taking turns by putting Molly into a stay. But recent play sessions have shown that that is not necessary. Molly holds back on her own to let Shawnee have a few turns. She seems to have her own sense of fairness that wants to make sure that Shawnee has enough chances to play.

I am very proud of Molly for figuring this out on her own and I try to encourage the behavior. It is usually Molly that has to return the toy, because Shawnee can't figure out to do anything other than put on the ground and not always within my reach. Although she's the one that returned the toy, she often lets Shawnee chase it again.

We were playing fetch the kong this morning. It was very cute the way Molly would hold back. Molly definitely could easily have overtaken Shawnee and gotten the toy, but she didn't. Shawnee has not yet developed the same sense of fairness. Even after Molly had given her a few turns, she would go after the toy when Molly did and Molly would have to growl to scold her because it was Molly's turn.

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